If you’re serious about connecting with your community, drive it with customer insights. When you start making evidence-based decisions, you’ll never go back.

Make data-driven decisions without guessing

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Unsure of yourself and are slow making decisions

Stuck or frustrated with progress

Like you waste too much time second-guessing, stalling and procrastinating

Sick of over-thinking and being paralysed by inaction

Unsupported and lack confidence moving forward

Like every decision is risky and purely a random guess

That you just don't know the answer or where to start

Like you're failing to really connect with your community and/ or

Your business is simply under-nourished and isn't achieving the success you know is possible?

Are you feeling?

How often have you said "gee I've got no idea, but I think this will work".  If you're not tapped into your tribe, then you're sure to be guessing, ummming, arrhhhing and stalling. 

do any of these sound familiar? 
if so that's ok, we can help.

Customer research is all about asking your community upfront so you can dive into business, new products, launches, marketing messages all with the power of confidently knowing. It's priceless intel. 

Knowing how your tribe think, what makes them tick, listening to their internal dialogue and cracking their psych; it’s a game changer, period.  When you connect with people on this level, their alignment with your product or service becomes a no-brainer.  

And we get it take skills, so we’ve got that covered. You can do it yourself, or get us involved. It's all about listening to your customers, crunching the data and making meaningful calls on what to do next.

You then act intentionally and with full-throttle purpose. You are the change agent turning customer insights into income. Isn't that exactly the goal, to have a thriving business, flourishing community and credible brand legacy. This is 100% possible all through customer insights and really understanding your tribe's psych. 

So with systems, support and everything to gain, we have to ask
…why wouldn’t you? 
#gamechanger #tapthetribe

It's time to let
the data drive 

Instead of feeling your way through mindless indecision, wild guesses and throwing caution to the wind...

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Survey Suites from $95 AUD

Survey suites covering Strategy Surveys (Planning), Experience Surveys (Measuring), Experimental Surveys (Testing) and Communication Surveys (Connecting) 

Tools and templates including The Dreamy Research Plan and Communications Templates

Don't forget to download your FREEBIES to get started.

Purchase survey suites, tools and templates straight from the factory

Each survey suite comes with a series of related questionnaires almost ready to go (tweakable, editable, changeable). Suitable and adaptable across industries, organisations and of course countries. There’s also a sweet selection of research tools and templates in the Dataology Shop to get you doing data faster. #pickandclick

Our surveys are designed for cut through and to get answers, but by asking nicely. We’ve done our own research on the questions best included in specific surveys, which is why we offer you a succinct suite  for specific purposes. 

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Pro Done For You Services $4500 AUD

Reports that snapshot the exact information you need in a short, uber-comprehensible portfolio with colour and infographics. 

Uplevel: Not only do wall reports make interesting and useful art, but save you searching for your report. Like a clock, it’s on the wall all the time. They're easy to install and remove.
Uplevel: Need to showcase the information to a wider audience and you’d prefer to outsource the presenting? A Personal Podcast is a 10-15 minute presentation of your data that you can play, share, circulate to anyone, anywhere.  Just add to cart.

Plus enough of the dry and boring reports that no one understands or actually reads. 

We use your database, engage with your customers and encourage them to tell us exactly how they feel and what they want. We turn this data into short, uber-comprehensible reports with spunk, which you can also upsize into wall decals for maximum impact.

We recommend you connect and liaise with us about Done For You services first so you understand what’s in and out of scope, how the process works and what timeframes are agreeable to both parties.  Just helps clearly set the scene from the outset. 

This level of service uses templated questionnaires and standard survey project management processes. Should you require more customised services (eg: bespoke questionnaire/s or collection tools, respondent recruitment etc) see below.

All great things are wild and ….. done!
If you don’t have the time, skills or inclination to run your own survey project, then ‘hello’ we can do it for you.  

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The magic turns into meaningful information that drives confident decisions and reduces risk. Actions for you to create your better, best business. 

let's talk custom

Some clients have more elaborate or niche research needs. We’re here ready to start a VIP conversation about how we can help you get the information you need. 

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Dream Design

This type of work might include:
01 Tailored research work
02 Facilitating online focus groups
03 Research strategy or annual management
04 Mentoring 1:1 or auditing
05 MVP and innovation strategy 

We only take on a limited number of custom clients
each year, so speak to us early. 
Pricing is determined by requirements.

dream data by design

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Not only that, but there’s the R word. Risk.

You are subject to increased risk when operating and acting in an unknown environment. Unless you’re a mad keen thrill-seeker, no one needs that extra pressure, nor your profit margin becoming a safety net for mistakes. How much can you afford to lose on mistakes?

All businesses face innate risks, but you don’t have to roll the dice on everything. What if you could turn some of those risks into known quantities?

Information and customer data reduces risk, creating a more stable and confident environment in which to operate, make decisions and drive business. 

So simply, we are for you….. start-ups, solopreneurs and small businesses. We want you to start using customer insights to reduce your risk and start making game-changing decisions with confidence.

Nope, no more guessing

We know first-hand the mind-blowing impacts that come from customer insights and similarly the death-defying mistakes businesses can make from ….. stalling, guessing, thinking, umming and arhhhing.

In short, I’m the minimalist of marketing research. Yep, I have my stake in the ground firmly believing that customer insights can powerfully drive successful businesses, but yet the process needs to be simple for entrepreneurs and small business to actually do it. 

Whatever the perception or overwhelm of customer insights and marketing research, we’re here to ensure there’s no blocker in data driving your business. We’ve got tools and templates to drive your DIY, we do it for you, teach it and all round love it.  

You called for a
data magician? 
Well close, I'm Sam

Chief Dataologist / Educator /MR Contributor


Why yes I am!

Ready to take the leap and fuel your biz on intel?

Insights in business is like food for the body, so are you...

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