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the power of customer insights

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While you normally kick goals, this time you don't quite know how to turn the ship around, you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed or perhaps as frustrated AF.  Argh.

zero ideas


You're not hitting the mark in terms of growth, sales or general business objectives.  You know you should be talking to your customers, but don't know how. Argh.

underwhelming sales


You're experiencing medicore launches, product success or you marketing is failing to cut through and really connect with your audience. Argh. 

failure to connect


Most business owners might 'think' they know what keeps their customers up at night, what drives them around the bend during the day, or peeves them sky high.  But at best, they are most likely guessing or basing this on a few comments here or there.

But there is a scenario where the opposite is absolutely true and you know confidently, categorically, positively 100% what your customers love, hate and everything in between.

So let me guess, you're spending way too much time guessing, doubting, stalling, ummming and arrhing which is resulting in...

Do you really really know what your customers think?

Hey I've got a seriously important question for you...

Well never fear, we've
got the #1 strategy for unlocking success

We get it. How do you appeal to your audience's challenges, fears and desires if your don't know what they are?

Meaningful connections with your community

Tangible offers that deliver results

Designing saleable solutions for real problems

Fast-tracking the road to business success

Most biz owners would love the ability to read minds: those of their customers, team and community. It sounds so wishful, dreamy and full of promise. But holy guacamoly, it would be like winning the lottery, both in your space and over your competitors. However, best of all, your customers would think everything you created, delivered or said was just for them. I ask you, what sort of power could come from that organically-rich intel in your business?

Okay it's mind-blowing isn't it when you let yourself imagine that scenario. Um, so what if I said we can help you achieve that euphoria in the real world, your world, for real. There is NO elusive secret to success, it's really as simple as understanding the frustrations, struggles and peeves of your community, addressing them and communicating how you can help. Stop guessing, instead let's use market research to leverage consumer psychology and customer insights for... 

 to the moon

It's time.  Learn how to rocket-fuel your biz with customer insights. Our 6-module Doing Data E-course is broken down into bite-size chunks, with only the critical steps included so small biz DIYers can just get on with the job. 

Get onboard the Doing Data E-Course

Sound good? Well, wait for it...

Where each of the elements fit into the program (spoiler alert: arhh, it’s not just running a little survey)

What the most important steps in the process are and how to do them

The crippling mistakes people make, including how to avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKE of all time in the research space

Why your research plan guides the entire project

All the checkpoints …including how to ensure your data has absolute integrity

The rules for interpreting data into meaningful results

PLUS you’ll have a tool box of templates ready to fill in and roll out.

In Doing Data you'll learn all the tricks for creating pro-level DIY research projects:

In this module you'll become an expert in:

Discover exactly what you'll learn:

Take a look inside the course modules and...

plus you'll get our tools:

Knowing which customer segments you will engage with and why

Setting specific project timeframes and assigning task responsibility

Understanding where you are in the project process.

Understanding the benefits of undertaking customer insight research and how it directly links to decision making in your business 

Understanding how this research contributes towards your company objectives and big picture strategy 

Defining the specific aim of your research and understanding why you are doing it

Articulating the purpose and scope of your research and measurable objectives (deliverables)

Deciding who's part of your dream team and who needs to be kept informed on project progress

01 Killer Planning

module 05

module 04




01 Doing Data E-Course Workbook (with full Project Plan)

module 06

Getting specific, about detail - what sample size do you need, how long will the data collection take, will incentives be offered etc?

Collating the required information to form your formal Project Plan.

Understanding why putting the 'method in methodology' is key to your project outcomes (research framework)

Examining the various types of research methods available and deciding on the most appropriate method for your project (study time)

Determining the operational aspects of your project and documenting these in your Work Task Schedule

module 06

02 The Method in Methodology

module 05

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 01

02 Decision Making Matrix
03 Work Task Schedule

Working through quality, budget, risk, communications, resources, procurement components of the project plan

Don't be fooled by the lack of dot points, this is where the real work will come at you!

Collating and documenting the information from modules 01 + 02 into a working document for your project

Establishing the blueprint of your project framework including evaluating risk, budget, key milestones, stakeholders, quality, resources and responsibility, skills analysis, procurement and approval

Understanding why collection tools are intrinsically linked to the success of your project, how to craft them and undertake the development of one (this is a big one)

Determining what your review mechanisms might be after the project

03 The Project Plan (Your Queen)

module 06

module 05

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 01

04  Project Plan Template

Finalising your Timing Plan and reviewing your collection tools (side note: why checkpoints are important)

Pressing 'GO' and starting the process. Why you should be ready to iterate your plan or tools if need be or answer questions.

Understanding why getting your execution strategy right is critical

Understanding the pros and cons of offering incentives to respondents

Drafting communication to your prospective respondents (including considering confidentiality/ anonymous responses)

Understanding what database you need developed and what data you need in it

The different types of distribution methods available to contact potential respondents

04 Exceptional Execution

module 05

module 03

module 02

module 01

05 Planning Templates + Guides 
06 Incentives Plan Template
07 Recruitment Plan Template
08 Communication Templates + Scripts

module 06

module 04

Understanding how to interpret the data into meaningful results (this needs to become your jam)

Why drawing conclusions and making strategic recommendations shapes the end goal 

What a professional results report should include and how to write one.

Following up with respondents and making sure you deliver on any promises

Measuring your response rate and determining if your sample size is large enough

Understanding 'stats 101' and the important things to measure

Why data integrity is crucial to your overall results (and how to fix it)

Understanding how results can be used for future benchmarking, investigating data analysis theory and ....actually doing the work

05 Analysis + Reporting

module 05

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 01

09 Results Report Template

module 06

How to bring a group of people along with your plan (achieving emotional and cultural buy in)

The purpose of reviewing the project and documenting an Issues Log

Understanding how the cycle repeats for your next project.

Understanding who needs to be briefed within your organisation (or externally) on the outcomes of the project

Creative ways to present your findings


Why drafting the Action Plan is essentially the end game

Why opportunities for innovation should be explored at this stage (we'll cover a different approach to innovation ....and controversially why it doesn't start with an 'idea')

06 The Action End Game

module 06

module 04

module 03

module 02

module 01

10 Innovation Workshop Planner (+ scripts)
11 Action Plan + Tracker Template
12 Issues Report Template
13 Dream Data Glossary for Tricky Terms

module 05

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Are you ready uplevel your intel and turn insights into income?

ok, I'm intrigued. tell me more!

I love the numbers, small business successes and a great story, so have combined all these to create Dream Data.  

What gets me up in the morning (…beside the kids)? It’s helping and educating business owners in the way power-plays are possible with customer data. My business is to know how your tribe thinks (or give you the tools), so you can get about creating your better, best business with courage and confidence.

With this comes a life you love and that’s the end game. In my world data is a superhero and speaking of which, my world became just a little more a-okay recently when I got glasses to complete the profile. Yeessss!

Hi I'm Sam and am so excited to teach you in Doing Data.  

I’ve been a corporate marketing professional, market research gal, innovation student and project management boss for over 22 years in Australia.

Meet your mentor

Chief Dataologist / Educator / MR Contributor

+ member the research society (AuSTRALIA)
+ bachelor of Mgt (Marketing)
+ Diploma Project Management
+ graduate australian institute company directors

ok, I'm intrigued. tell me more!

ok, I'm intrigued. Let's cHAT!

I've seen customer insights sky-rocket projects, business units, sales and profitability for over 22+ years. The science doesn't guess, it's your best way of predicting real and tangible future outcomes. It really has the power to change the game for you.

Knowing the answers confidentially, categorically positively 100%

Following the science and data breadcrumbs to your true north

Feeling assured, connected and with no doubt whatsoever justified in your decisions

Harnessing the power of customer insights to strategically drive your business growth and success.

I say it's time to leave behind the guessing and doubts, saying hello to:

At the core, we all seek to grow and accomplish things. This applies to your customers and to you in business. Whether it be personally, professionally or as a community, everyone is finding the place they belong and their higher purpose. When you understand this, you have the power to create a community of unwavering support, undeniable success and people that love how you show up serving them. It's as simple as the 'more you know, the more you'll grow'.

And the clincher, customer research is how you get there.

Customer insights allows you to take the road directly from A to B and leave the long windy bends behind. It's the bridge and number #1 strategy to building a stand-out business.  

You can know the answers 100% confidently, categorically, positively.

And now it's your turn!

Doing Data is a unique course in the market research space 

Students study market research for semesters at university to master these skills (and spend a bomb), but no one has time for chunky text books in the entrepreneurial world. 

We understand you just want to get on with the job and move the needle forward in your biz. If you are up for that, this course is absolutely for you. 

Yep, the skills you need, but without the degree!

This course is written specifically for start-ups, solopreneurs and small business particularly those interested in using customer insights and consumer psychology to help drive business, innovation and action. It’s an entry-level course for students with no or limited prior learning in the market research space. It’s for the downright doers and pocket rockets who want to get in, learn hard and implement fast. 

Doing Data is self-paced and cuts to the core giving you only the information and tools you need to get moving and start sooner.

This is why we’ve stripped back to the bare basics. Only what you need, made it relevant for small biz and left out the rest. So, would the purists cringe? Absolutely, but this topic needs to be relevant and on point in the vibrant, energetic and dynamic entrepreneurial environment we operate in. #dreamdelivered

We know you want the key takeaways and framework to run your project, get the results and get about making impactful decisions faster. 

You're In the Driver's Seat

With superior confidence comes the feeling of being on the front foot. Grinning from ear-to-ear cause you got the inside running and have the freedom to make informed choices, not guesses.  #winning

02 two

Confidence Personified

Customer research will be your new jam, you'll drive your business forward confidently knowing what your customers really want.  #gamechanger

01 one

Well, that's all great but how will I feel?

New Gen Direction

Data driven decisions will become the new norm. You'll become more efficient at running projects and it will turn things on their head in the way you operate the cogs of your biz. Sprinkle that shit everywhere. #secretsauce  

04 four

Got Me New Skills

The framework coupled with the templates and tools will have you searching for research projects. You can be appropriately proud of yourself. You'll be able to independently run projects at the drop of a hat #yoursuperpower

03 three

Once you understand the basic principles, you will find all sorts of ways to creatively introduce research into your business both formally and casually. Typically the broad types of research you will be able to begin undertaking and apply your learnings to include:

How to run customer research projects to drive your business

Once you've completed Doing Data you'll know

01 Strategy Research (Planning)


Understanding your community including customer behaviour and segmentation
Industry and innovation
Branding (including pricing)
Climate assessments (larger businesses)

Underlying frustrations + tasks
Experience + association
Behaviour + habits 

02 experience Research (measuring)

Testing packaging, design, pricing, distribution
Assessing ideas, products/ MVPs
Risk reduction
Testing growth opportunities and viability

Test messaging, mediums and media
Explore social engagement
Review content and engagement

04 connection Research (communicating)

You will have immediate access to materials on enrolment. The course is self-paced so you start and finish in your own time. Similarly it depends how you approach it. You might want to work through each module progressively as you implement your first project. Alternatively you may choose to work through the entire course in theory before commencing a project. There are pros and cons for both methods (and one clearly takes a lot longer than the other). 

How long does the course take to complete?


We use words like ‘the average’, ‘frequency', and basic statistics to report on the data. Anyone in business who has a general idea of their own profit and loss statements will be fine. If you can read your financial statements, you’re ahead of the pack.

If we are talking in a language that doesn’t interest you (for instance when we get to hypothesis testing or something equally enthralling) if that’s not your jam, skip over it, just take what applies to you and your interest areas.

No really! How much maths stuff?


Not too much. Remembering we’re not running clinical trials into curing disease and we’re not professional statisticians; it’s customer insight research. At the core, it’s a more formal method of one person simply talking to another. We just try and quantify this information and find value in it to help drive business decisions, pivot points and sometimes, just confirmation we’re on the right track. 

How much mathematical sh!t is involved?


If you're wondering....

your questions answered

This course is designed as ‘entry level’ for the purpose of introducing students with no significant prior learning or understanding about market and customer research. We are continually updating it to create the best version possible. As we preach, the magic for iteration and improvement comes from our wonderful students. We want feedback on how we can make this course better, easier to understand and deliver more value to our students. So please, complete our own feedback form or email us directly at and tell us what we can work on.

Does the course change?


Individual results from this course will naturally vary from person to person. This may be dependent on the student’s:
01 Commitment to the course and available time for dedicated learning
02 Ability to learn productively through this method (individually self guided, self-paced, online e-course)
03 Individual level of comprehension and understanding in a learning environment
04 Ability to convert theoretical learning to their own business/ circumstances and apply it in a DIY environment.

What should I expect?


We hate the idea of an unsatisfied student, however given the digital nature of this product and that all materials are available to you instantly, there are no refunds on this purchase. Instead we’d encourage you to make an informed decision before enrolling by asking us as many questions as you need, or contact us for assistance throughout the course for clarification. You can email us at

What if I don’t like it or it’s not for me?


Absolutely, fire away. The best way is to flick us an email at and we can tailor a response specifically for you.

Remember we are here to help and are only a quick email away if you get stuck mid-way through the course. Also ensure you make the most of your private 1:1 coaching session and weekly Q&A forums.

But, I've still got questions?


We don’t do things exactly by the book and that’s what makes this course so relevant for start-ups and small business. This course gives beginners a leg-up to get research projects planned, implemented and completed with a basic level of result interpretation and analysis suitable for the small business and current commercial environment. We make no apologies for keeping course content down to earth, relevant and relatable for our students. You will not come out a professional statistician… so if that’s what you’re after this is probably not the right course and we’d prefer to be upfront about this.  

Straight Up


In the interests of being completely transparent, yes, there are a couple of things to be aware of (nothing too scary).
Private coaching sessions are required to be booked in advance and are subject to availability. Templates are provided as is, with no customised changes (although happy to take feedback for general iterations). Access to the e-course platform is valid for 12 months from the day of enrolment. No refunds are given on this purchase and results will vary from individual to individual based on circumstances (refer to T&Cs).

What's the fine print? (aka the Terms)


A 6-module self-paced e-course covering the market research framework 

Access to 2x private one-on-one coaching session or SOS call (60 minutes at time of your choosing, subject to availability)

Weekly Q&A online forum (the power hour) 

Educational vids driving the program and your learning outcomes 

E-learning workbook completed throughout the process and the blueprint for your first project 

Done-for-you project templates, surveys, reports and plans…. we’ve even got templates for your recruitment and communication ready to implement

One year’s login access to the course 

Check in points to see how you’re progressing and mentoring advice (…if you need us) 

Your own ‘Dataologist Degree’ on completion (….yes it’s totally a made up thing, but now you really want one don’t you?). 

All that glitters is 

So that was all a lot to take in, perhaps we can summarise it for you

Yep, turn insights into income

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So, are you ready to learn how to power your biz with customer insights?

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