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It always has been and still can be, but pffff not here. We’re bringing a super-suite of sweet skills to the market and making it affordable for all. We’ve got your back on this one and have made MR do-able for start-ups and small business who really need to make the investment. So much so, the decision to proceed is a no-brainer (save that energy for something else). If you have a custom brief, we can certainly work with you on pricing. This work is naturally part of our suite.

01 But isn't market research expensive?

Yes, yes you can. If you'd like a little help, we have drafted questionnaires in the Dataology Shop, a sweet-suite of tools and templates and we’d also direct you to our Doing Data E-Course (wink wink) which sets you up for success in the DIY space.
 Our consultancy services and packages are for entrepreneurs and businesses with full plates who need this task simplified and outsourced. They simply don’t have the time or skills either to invest in setting up the project, interpreting the data or deriving meaningful recommendations.

02 But I can create my own survey for nothing!

We offer 01 questionnaires, tools and templates to run your own project.  These are drafted to take the guess work out of developing collection tools from scratch. To be customised for your own purposes. 
02 Done for You Services involve us using your customer database to drive the process, running the project on your behalf, analysing the data and presenting it back to you in one easy to read dreamy report. 
03 The Doing Data E-course is for the doers and pocket rockets who want to get in, learn hard and implement fast.

03 What is Dream Data exactly?

Arhhh no, probably not. They will tell everyone else first and you last ...if you’re lucky.

 It takes real energy and commitment to provide feedback positive or negative (we like to call it ‘constructive’), most won’t do it alone. So make it easy for them… ask and do it regularly. 

04 Customers will tell me if they're unhappy anyway, won't they?

If you have engaged us for Done For You services like any research project there is a lead time, and you can’t fast-track that too much.
 This is primarily the time you allow for respondents to participate and return their responses. You can run a project for any amount of time, however as a general rule, two weeks would be our recommendation.
 We’ll get the report to you as soon as we can after the project closes (within 7 business days).

05 When will I receive the report?

We are proudly an Australian company, but with clients across the seas. We are an international business with all materials and reports drafted in English (language).  

Clearly we are Aussie, so for our international clients and students, there may be slight variations in our English. Classics such as organisation/ organization, mum/mom, customized/customized, but on the whole we are most definitely speaking the same language and should be on the same page together.

07 What if I'm overseas?

The data will be a true representation of the information received from your customers. Any incomplete or invalid responses will be eliminated where detected (showing as obvious outliers). This is to ensure your data is not skewed. The report you receive will reflect the accuracy of the data and will be presented in the format we know our clients are after. Snapshot, easy to read and interpret documents. There are no refunds or returns on reports. Products are purchased in full at the time of checkout.

08 What if I'm not happy with the data?

If you need customised changes to your report for a specific reason (eg: the boss wants more information on a specific section), these will be undertaken at additional cost and at the rate of AU$250ph (minimum 1 hour charge). We will advise when this work can be completed and with an agreed return date, work will then proceed. Additional expenses need to be paid in full before your amended report is returned.

09 What if I need changes to the report?

Do all the normal stuff – make sure you print it out (unless you're paperless), save it electronically, share it with colleagues, publish extracts and stats on social media. Hell, why not save it as your desktop. This is the sort of stuff that makes great inclusions for an Annual Report if you do one. Make sure you consciously refer to it as a working document and incorporate the good stuff into your staff and customer communications. Show everyone what you’ve learned and how you’ve listened. This sort of data becomes brilliant for benchmarking year after year.

10 How do I get the most out of my report?

We love this one… why don’t you upsize your report and have it printed as a wall graphic? Being uber-pretty and all, decorate the office or a blank wall with something really useful.  This little life hack ensures your report is always easily accessible (…without being stored under a pile of papers). This is another reason our reports are chic and stylish. To get one, all you do is add wall graphic at the checkout or you can always purchase later too (if you love it even more once you’ve seen the finished product!). They take 1-2 weeks to produce (plus shipping time). 

11 Did someone say wall print?

Any successful business relationship is a two-way street. Both parties have to be feeling it for the gig to work. We want the absolute best outcome for you and therefore take seriously the job of accepting clients particularly for custom work. The fit has to be right for both parties, so if for some reason we don’t think we’re the right team for you… we’ll let you know from the start. It’s our honesty commitment to you.

12 Why won't you work with me?

Yep, we stand proudly imperfect with a culture of improvement, innovation and iteration. We know our jam like no one’s business, but equally value life-long learning and improvement to make sure our work is continually changing and hitting the mark for clients. That’s why we’ll never shy away from constructive feedback aimed at helping us improve our tools, templates and educational material. If you’ve got something that can help, contact us at hello@dreamdata.com.au

13 Why proudly imperfect?

Absolutely, fire away. The best way is to flick us an email at hello@dreamdata.com and we can tailor a response specifically for you. 

14 Um, I've got a few other questions....

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