We help businesses stop the guessing, stalling, umming, and arhhhing by using customer insights to smash goals and create income. Sound appealing?

Why stir when you can shake things up? 

In short, I’m the minimalist of market research. We help businesses shift their communities away from struggle and frustration and towards the euphoric opposite. 

Yep, I have my stake in the ground firmly believing that customer insights can powerfully drive success, but yet the process needs to be simple for entrepreneurs and small business to actually do it.   

Whatever the perception or overwhelm of market research, we’re here to ensure there’s no blocker in data driving your business. We’ve got tools and templates to drive your DIY, we do it for you, teach it and all round LOVE it.  

Hey, I'm Samantha – but please call me Sam!

Chief Dataologist / Educator /MR Contributor


I’ve been a corporate marketing professional, market research gal, student of innovation and project management boss for 22+ years in Australia (although I did live in the UK for a bit). I love the numbers, small business successes and a great story, so have combined all these to create Dream Data.

I contribute by teaching business owners how power-plays are possible with customer insights. It's about helping you drive your business with data (aka with courage and confidence). With this comes a life you love and that’s the end game.

In my world, data is a superhero and I've now got glasses to complete the look!

What gets me up in the morning (…beside the kids), is showing my daughter and the next generation of female leaders what's possible. Teaching them to lean into the numbers (even if they don't love them) and use data and customer insights to drive their enterprises smartly. I want women in biz to simply nail this space which traditionally has been downright complex, confusing and masculine.

What's my highlight reel?

01 Member The Research Society (AU)
02 Bachelor of Mgt (Marketing)
03 Diploma of Project Management
04 Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD)
05 Inventium Innovation Program Grad

So what's your cred girlfriend?

Yep, got the goods!

What's the underlying gold?

I’m totally passionate about supporting entrepreneurial women and together showing our daughters what's possible for them as next gen leaders.  

What happens when 1 million entrepreneurial mums (or moms) show their daughters the value of being an independent woman, running successful businesses, demonstrating financial savviness and strong values? A world where equality is the norm, she is empowered, has choice, she innovatively develops her life path, career and purpose. And all with a fierce lioness pack bringing up the rear who have tread the path beforehand. That's what I want for my girl, your girl, all girls.

Call it a movement, but just imagine the impact.

I'm also passionate about women intelligently using data to drive their business and stop the unnecessary damage from guessing.

As our Chief Dataologist, I’m quirky, but absolutely mean business when it comes to the stats and the lasting impacts they have in business. 

I want every small to medium size business to run customer insight projects like they are integrated and woven into the core fabric and genetic make-up of their biz. Then to use the data to drive better decision making

If there's one thing Covid has taught us, it's that the future has changed. A new age has arrived and effected the way we live, work and behave. This means it's never been more important to track how your community is changing and adapting, plus what this means for your business. Customer research is how you do it.


We've got the goods to get data driving your business

Ready to go find some magic?

We help you understand your community on a deep psych level (like what keeps them up at night, what drives them internally, where they hang-out), make meaningful and authentic connections and then nail the delivery.  We want to remove the barriers so every small business has the ability to run customer insight projects like they are integrated and woven into their genetic make-up and use the data to drive better decision making. 

Have an educational platform for DIY students wanting to give market research a red-hot go

Create dreamy, sexy reports you'll actually read

Have done the hard work packaging all the tools you need

Offer an alternative between raw DIY and expensive agencies

But we love simplifying, demystifying and teaching market and customer research in a way that people actually get it. So it’s do-able, enjoyable and applicable in everyday business.  So why us?  Well, because we know our craft and:

We get market research can be as complex AF

what sets us apart

Dream Data (dreem data):
/providers/ contributors/ educators  

Understand how to get you from where you are (A) to where you want to be (B)

We are transformative
Delivering meaningful and actionable plans for businesses to implement, dropping visual bombs with uber-pretty reports and teaching skills without the degree so DIY'ers can pilot their own plane. Shifting the needle in business through data discovery. 

We are driven by curiosity + magic
A new gen of dataologists seeking to understand, listen and find the magic to drive innovation, iteration and change. We believe data is a superhero and this is what we shout from the top of the mountain.

We bring market research to the people for real. Demystifying and simplifying the process and skills required. Removing the traditional masculine energy, seriousness and science-fluff. Making it vibrant, fresh and even a little bit juicy.  Introducing the new gen power-play way with data.


We are rebel researchers

We achieve this by doing, helping + educating. 

Human Obsession

Our movement is about simply asking the customer and asking often. We’re obsessed about business putting their people first and delivering kick-arse experiences. #justask


Spirit of Curiosity

Continually yearning to discover more, encourage others to do the same and understand growth is ongoing.


what we stand for

Proud Imperfections

We stand proudly imperfect with a culture of improvement, innovation and iteration. We know our jam like no one’s business, but equally value life-long learning and improvement to make sure our work is continually changing and hitting the mark for clients.


Almighty Impact

We see the value of our work in the direction and guidance it provides for business to take action (aka do stuff). Significant change and impact is how we define our success.


Data is a Superhero

Need we say more? Power-plays are the way forward. #gamechanger


Dream Data came about from a strong desire to help this generation of female entrepreneurs (and inspire the next) build successful businesses for independence. It should come as no surprise we support equality in the workplace and financial independence for women. We stand against domestic violence and sexual harassment.

Operating an online model to minimise infrastructure or complicated supply chain

Operating an office with LED lighting, water tanks for bathrooms and purchasing ‘green’ electricity to power our work stations

Intentionally choosing a primarily paperless operation ensuring less waste and energy 

With experience in the not-for-profit and community sectors, we understand how important it is to feed into the prosperity of your community. Even though we’re a small business, our community is global so we are 100% committed to the big picture.

For us it's about operating a conscious business which along with growth and profit includes giving back, making sustainable choices, being kind to ourselves and others, and feeling fulfilled in what we do. 

Our objective is to deliver high output, with low impact.

We're for purpose,
for sure

It's not just glasses, chocolate and chai lattes that drive me. 

dream data values

So you're not sure which marketing research direction is right for you? Bamboozled by focus groups, surveys, interviews, the thought of experimenting just makes you want to throw your arms up into the air?

They all have completely different purposes and outcomes, so you first want to ensure the work you undertake will actually get the type of results you need.

We understand market research can be a complex beast at the outset, so to be sure take our super-quick (and drop the mic sort of fun) quiz.

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