We get it. How do you talk to your audience's challenges, fears and desires if you don't know what they are?

But what if the opposite was true? You knew confidently, positively, categorically what your tribe wanted and could stop all the guessing, stalling, thinking, umming and arhhhing.

It would be like having the winning lottery numbers before the draw. Knowing the answers (aka pre-hindsight) in business is exactly the same.

So, are you ready to ditch the guesswork, change the game and turn insights into income?

Whoa, what if you 100% knew
the answers?

boom, insights into income

Most biz owners would love the ability to read minds: those of their customers, team and community. It sounds so wishful, dreamy and full of promise. But holy guacamoly, it would be like winning the lottery, both in your space and over your competitors.  Best of all, your customers would think everything you created, delivered or said was just for them.

I ask, what sort of power could come from that organically-rich intel in your business?

It's mind-blowing isn't it when you let yourself imagine that scenario. Um, so what if we could help you achieve that euphoria in the real world? There is NO elusive secret to success, it's really as simple as understanding the frustrations, struggles and peeves of your community, addressing them and communicating how you can help. Stop guessing, instead let's leverage consumer behaviour and customer insights. 

Hey, we're Dream Data. We help growing small to medium size businesses make data-driven decisions and profit-driven strategies without relying on intuition or guesswork. Cool huh!

We help you
research stuff 


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You might be a DIY guru and keen to give this market research thing a red-hot go. You'll learn the 6-step process in our e-course and we'll give you every tool and template you’ll need to run projects like a pro. 

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Ready to use, formulated questionnaires and plans specifically for the market research small biz undertakes. No pondering at a blank screen or notepad for hours, just ‘pick and click’.

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3 ways we can help you
get answers. Curious?

If you don't have the time, inclination or skills to run your marketing or customer research project, consider us part of the team! While we're nailing your project, you can focus your time where it's needed.

We know the mind-blowing impacts marketING research and customer insights can have in small business. We also know you want results and want it done efficiently. We’re good at asking nicely and interpreting the information into meaningful actions for you to take in your business.  

Customer research helps you dive into business, strategy, branding, new products, markets, launches, communications, sales, all with the power of confidently knowing. 

Validate and let the data drive; it's priceless intel.

Fact, customers are people.  And while people are individual and complex beings, they all have similar cravings, needs and wants as human beings.  When you understand  the needs of your customer (no, really understand at a deep psych level) and where those needs fit, you can deliver more than imaginable and connect on a level that has soul, meaning and real outcomes. 

The power of customer insights come from sneak-peaking into the mind and really feeling the heart. Then when you have this information, WOW, you bring the big guns by having pure gold that informs your offerings, your products, your brand DNA. It crafts your language, tone, content, copy, messaging (...are you getting the picture huh?).  You are able to demonstrate genuine empathy and can powerfully:

01 Connect and talk to your audience in their very buzz words
02 Align your offerings with your community's everyday priorities
03 Deliver tangible outcomes for real life experiences
04 Fast track your business success by understanding the pysch of your tribe.

What do they want,
like really really want? 

Customer insights help us dive deep and truly understand what our people desire. They are the NUMBER #1 STRATEGY for business success.

And at this point, you 100% know the answers. You know confidently, categorically, positively and can stop the stalling, thinking, umming and arhhing.

At the core, we all seek to grow and accomplish things. This applies to your customers and to you in business. Whether it be personally, professionally or as a community, everyone is finding the place they belong and their higher purpose. When you understand this, you have the power to create a community of unwavering support, undeniable success and people that love how you show up serving them. It's as simple as the 'more you know, the more you'll grow'.

The clincher, marketing and customer research is how you get there.

Customer insights allows you to take the road directly from A to B and leave the long windy bends behind. It's the bridge and number #1 strategy to building a stand-out business.  
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Learn to run research projects like an absolute pro.

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So if you’re reading this, you’re most likely as keen as mustard to give this customer research thing a red-hot go. Understanding market research principles and being able to run professional projects is a very niche skill and congratulations on wanting to expand the tricks in your toolbox. Once you get it, it’s a process you can learn, iterate and repeat. We hope you love delving into the data like we do. #alwayslearning

the kickstarter 'doing data' course

Getting the right size sample for your quantitative marketing research project is key to ensuring statistically significant results that can be confidently applied to your broader population. The formula is a little scary, so best to cheat your way out of this one and use our FREE calc.

Say goodbye to all the confusion and bangin' headaches. Here's the ultimate quick 30-second, FREE and easy way to calculate your required sample size. Boom!

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Wait for it... Introducing the BFF Sample Size Calculator!

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Bite-sized learning for research enthusiasts

The world is a constant stream of information coming at you and as business owners we try and absorb as much as we can. So that’s why we purposely keep our info snappy, direct and to the point. Less is more, and we know you want to get right down to the good stuff. So say hello to the ‘Blog Bursts’ – all the key takeaways in one neat little package. If however you do ever want to probe deeper into a topic we cover, email us at hello@dreamdata.com.au


Intel minimises (if not completely removes) the doubt, the risk, the chance, the gamble – which we all know the odds generally aren’t stacked in our favour.

When you let the data drive, you are consciously acting with purpose, intent, knowledge and power.

You aren’t gambling your money or time and just hoping for a kinda-good outcome. You know what to expect and therefore you’re acting differently from your competitors. An edge in front with your secret source all the way.  #justask

real consequences

What's the real cost of guessing?

Have you ever stopped to think about the real cost of all the guesses, oops, re-work, delays, missed opportunities?

real life

The cumulative effect of all those moments where you've proceeded not confidently knowing the answers will undoubtedly have cost you time, money and critical energy. Reality eek moment?

We know how avoidable this is if you know the answers before you commit, launch or take action. 

The reality of undertaking marketing research is that there's a very real cost, however run a cost-benefit analysis calculating the actual cost of your past guesses and mistakes and you'd likely be shocked. 

Businesses that undertake research see it as an investment and this is the mindset you need in this space. It's about playing a stronger long-term game that pays dividends in a calculated way rather than a cost-avoidance strategy. Make the investment, it will provide insights to drive your future decision making and may just be the key to nailing a launch or creating a smashing new product.

invest instead

The golden goose

Let's get your inbox pinging with a stream of hot enquiries and cha-ching notifications.

Customer insights are like the winning lottery numbers before the draw!

From meh to yeah

We totally understand, marketing research can be a complex beast and that’s why we’re here. Tell us what you want to do. 


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04  Learn how to do it myself 

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